Felez Fam Kousha

Felez fam kousha Industrial Group is trying to give quality to the industries by using the best engineering knowledge and using the best modern machines

Fire fighting

Fam Kosha Metal Company has a lot of experience in the field of manufacturing fire pump parts, and since most of the parts are very sensitive, it is very important to provide production and restoration processes.

part manufacturing

Felez fam Koosha has carried out extensive activities in the field of design and engineering consulting for the production of products or industrial parts, in cooperation with various companies


The medical industry requires very high quality parts and assemblies and production in special environmental conditions with a very high reliability. Paying attention to these principles will affect the health of all people and will help patients to regain their health in the shortest possible time

our services

Felez fam kousha Company has always provided its services with emphasis on high quality and customer satisfaction and is increasingly improving its capabilities to provide the best services to customers. We believe that:
• High quality and timely delivery contribute to the success of our customers and partners.
• Providing our consulting services to customers has increased concentration and productivity in production.
Increasing optimization is our top priority. We are always trying to find solutions that increase the success of our team, our customers and our business partners.

design and engineering

Measurement and quality control

Manufacture of industrial parts and assemblies

Our group has started its activities with the aim of meeting the country’s need to build and reconstruct parts and industrial complexes, and in line with the most advanced method of the day and using new principles, in line with the fourth industrial revolution, and in this regard, services from Provides conceptual design to produce the final product